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The Electro-cellulite machine is designed to give electro muscle stimulation (EMS) and heat treatments to the body. The microprocessor controlled, nine program professional, uses the very latest developments in computer technology to get rid of unwanted weight fast by warming the body and contracting the muscles simultaneously. The Electro-Pads are applied first and covered by the latest non-toxic Heat Wraps, a must for people with cellulite and flabby muscles.

The nine selectable programs are designed to slim, tone and firm specific body areas at the touch of a button. Select the program, start the treatment, set the levels and the machine does the rest automatically. You will be amazed at the results of the electro cellulite machine, it quickly and effectively takes centimeters off unwanted fatty areas of the body.

How does it work?

Many areas of the body are controlled by small neurological impulses from the brain. The Health Technology program creates and imitates these impulses for the required action to stimulate an area of the body that needs attention. Through the controlled program and technology, specific results are achieved for muscle tone, gym like work out, cellulite treatment for reduction, facial toning and many more. The selectable computer controlled impulse technology will produce the correct session of treatment for the desired result. Similar to normal exercise, the contracting of muscles stimulated by the brain, Health Technology's program will contract and relax your muscle in the same fashion. The benefit of this being that you get a passive workout with less risk of injury or fatigue. This also gives the patient the option to work on a specific part of the body.

Lumisenz microprocessor controlled programs are technologically advanced to vary cycling through the different selectable programs. These programs are designed to effectively stimulate areas of the body correctly, thus giving the correct result. Muscle stimulation is also ideal for physically challenged individuals and those that are in need of physiotherapy for injuries and rehabilitation of muscles.

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EMS technologies enable natural exercise safely and effortlessly to create slenderness, inch loss, firmness and strength. This EMS treatment also stimulates the body’s natural fat burning and toning process helping to give you a body that is not only lean and firm but healthy too!


The stimulation from the electrical current also increases circulation of the skin, thereby improving texture and tone as well as reducing the appearance of cellulite.

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With EMS treatments, youcan target specific areas of the body (working several areas at one time) to get the results that you want.

Take your Esthetics Business to the next level!

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Invest in Your Success. Our  Equipment Offers Superior Quality +  Performance.

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