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Lumisenz Technologies Corp. Slimming, toning, firming, lifting face and body machines. Sales + Training + Certification.


Your experience with us will be pleasant and we will provide you with personal, first-class assistance. We will offer services that are valuable to you, and we will always treat you with kindness and ethically. We will strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  With matters of confidentiality, it will be respected and your business will be taken seriously.


Non-invasive, non-surgical, non-inflammatory machines using specific, pre-calculated computerized programs for anti-aging face and body lifting/firming and slimming procedures. 

The natural age-defying choice.

We are looking for passionate individuals who want to thrive during their next

chapter in their life doing what they love; helping others feel good and look younger! 

Using science proven technology and the body’s natural ability to repair and rejuvenate itself, our guests are enjoying results of Microcurrent facials and EMS Body Sculpting for a

more youthful appearance and healthy fit physique.


EMS Body Sculpting + Slimming Machine


​Body procedures using EMS stimulation include fat/cellulite reduction for effective slimming results, muscle stimulation for a firmer, lifted, and rejuvenated body. 

9 selectable programs, which are designed to slim, tone and firm specific areas at the touch of a button delivering 640 possible stimulation changes. Body Sculpting by Slimwave is the most advanced computerized exercise program.  Slimwave Body Sculpt is a form of exercise which is passive.  This treatment uses scientifically and medically approved stimulation to attack fat at the cellular level.  It is safe and fast acting and is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that will help you build strong, defined muscles, lose inches and fat, reduce stress, eliminate cellulite and improve circulation.

Slimwave treatments provide instant inch loss, reduces cellulite , tightens and tones all in one 45 min session.


MDF Face-lift Machine


For the face, microcurrent at lower amps creates firmer, lifted areas building and rejuvenating muscles in the face and produces collagen and increase elasticity for lasting results and relaxed, “Botox” like benefits that noticeably enhance our guest's natural beauty. The electric pulses generated during EMS (electro muscular stimulation) mimic natural nerve signals that spearhead muscular contractions and relaxations. Electrically generated muscle exercise is passive and entirely effortless. In addition to firming, toning and tightening the muscles, this facial toner treatment also improves facial blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to cells, whilst encouraging removal of toxins and waste materials, leaving the skin refreshed and rejuvenated.




A team of professional women offering non-invasive, age defy devices and training to entrepuneruial women across Canada.


Successful business opportunities that offers women options to operate an age defy business on her terms;

homebased, integrated, mobile, or independant clinic.

Head Massage
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