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BodyTherm 5 Wrap Set*

1 x Body wrap

2 x Leg wraps

2 x Arm/calf wraps

*For use with the 24 Pad Professional Duo 5

Duo-5 BodyTherm Cellulite Wraps Bundle

  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) with Heat Diathermy treatment:

    Electrical muscle stimulation is most commonly used to create measurable and lasting inch loss/girth reduction for its users. Spas and salons have long enjoyed providing these results for excited clients; although, when combined with a greater understanding of human anatomy, practitioners can provide vastly more satisfying results. Before being marketed to the general population, the technology was used to retrain the muscles of astronauts returning from zero gravity in outer space and then for medical patients needing to regain muscle strength after serious illnesses and surgeries.


    While enjoying the slimming and weight loss clientele who will visit your locations, it is beneficial to understand how the treatments can be used to treat other markets. Along with stimulating the muscles to contract, relax and strengthen without the lactic acid build-up (and subsequent pain) the stimulation of the muscles also assists in improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Improvement in these functions improves oxygenation of the blood and the removal of toxins from the body, supporting improved healing, immunity and overall well-being.  Because Lumisenz combines EMS with heat diathermy the benefits are accelerated. The evenly distributed heat also softens adipose tissue and allows for more of the beneficial electrical current to be directed to the muscle, instead of being dissipated throughout the fat tissue.

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